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Get a Sample Edit

Want to see what the editing process is like with us? You don’t have to guess! Get a sample edit on the manuscript you need help with. It’s an easy way to make sure that working with us is the right fit. Book a Sample Edit now.

Ask Questions, Get Next Steps

You have a project in mind, but you aren’t sure where to start. Let us help you get oriented fast. Ask your project-specific questions, and get a real person answering your questions live! In a twenty-minute session, you’ll have a basic understanding of where to begin your project’s journey. Book a Next Steps: Mini Action Plan session now.

Request an Editorial Quick Fix for Live Help

You’ve got some questions on your mind about how to get un-stuck with your project. You don’t need an edit just yet, just some direction to keep going. An Editorial Quick Fix is a practical way to keep your project moving. You’ll have the attention and expertise of an editor for thirty minutes. Book an Editorial Quick Fix now.

Book Line-editing for Shorter Projects

You know that you want line-by-line help to make sure that your manuscript is in great shape for your next steps. Your project is on the shorter side, but you want it to have the same attention that a book-length manuscript would get. Within a handful of business days, you can have your project returned to you with edits you need. Book Line-editing services now.

Build Custom Solutions Together with Consulting

Your ambitious project is ready to begin, and you are looking for custom solutions that will help your existing team get the additional outside support they need. You want to know what options you have to make that happen in a way the makes sense for your goals. A Discovery Call will help you get those answers so that you can choose exactly what you need. Book a Discovery Call now.

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