Editorial and Pre-Publication Services—Optimized

Inclusive Media Solutions LLC is an editorially-centered company offering media and pre-publication products and services aimed at organizations, businesses, and entities that want to positively impact inclusion and representation in media. In this vein, we can polish your message through copy editing, layout, and design for print and web-based projects. If you want to delve deeper and solidify your core message, we have additional editorial services and products to help you.

We approach inclusion in two ways:

  • Through Content: We create and assist others in creating content that includes a cohesive narrative, a variety of viewpoints, inclusive language, thoughtful imagery, and accessibility.

  • Through Talent: We leverage individuals with diverse identities to give input and make editorial decisions that reflect the positive realities of our world and ensure that they are part of the inclusion conversation.

Inclusive Media Solutions LLC offers a suite of services that helps you put out your best work—in print and online. That's because we specialize in publishing, so you won't get a lot of extra marketing things you may not be looking for. You will, however, get access to a talented team with editorial expertise and diverse identities that will lend authenticity to your project. Our team members are from all over and are passionate about their specialties—which translates to a final product that has care and commitment built into every layer. From start to finish, your project will reflect your mission, values, and goals.

Let's Help You Reach New Audiences through Inclusion.

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Our Philosophy


Ebonye is efficient, conscientious, and very invested in making sure she reflects your organization's values, identity, and mission. In my work with her, she assisted in the production of materials to be shared with some of the nation's top private foundations. I always felt confident that we were putting our best foot forward due to her diligence and professionalism.

Kara M.

Your promotional materials can make or break an organization, so it is critical to hire a talent like Ebonye to help you through. Ebonye brings her honed creativity, stellar communications talents, and analytical thought-provoking insights to your project so it will make a difference. We have worked with her on three projects thus far and plan to continue using her because she's versatile and entrepreneurial with fast turnarounds.

Leanne H.

Ebonye's developmental edits on a highly sensitive, personal essay of mine were thorough, honest, and delivered gracefully with professionalism and kindness. I felt as if, after only one read of my piece, she had climbed into my head, moved some of the clunky furniture around, settled in, and deftly maneuvered my words to my intention. I have to explain very little to her; she just "gets it." The end product was far deeper, richer, and somehow more truthful than the pre-Ebonye'd iteration and was very well received worldwide. All that, and she did it less than 24 hours. She is easily the most knowledgeable, resourceful, supportive editor I've ever had.

Kim-Lan G.