Our Company

Inclusive Media Solutions LLC is an editorial and pre-publication services company aimed at organizations and businesses that want to positively impact inclusion and representation in media. However, we’ve worked with clients outside of this focus. We leverage vetted, well-read editorial professionals to ensure that not only are multiple perspectives offered but also that individuals with diverse identities are the ones making editorial suggestions and decisions. Our approach helps more people have a true stake in helping create and publish outstanding content that speaks to all of us.

Our People

Ebonye Gussine Wilkins is a social justice writer, editor, media activist and the Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Media Solutions LLC. She has provided significant editorial support, in-house and remote, to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, including the City of New York. Ebonye specializes in copy editing and developmental editing using the Chicago Manual of Style. She is a fierce advocate for socially-responsible media and inclusive editorial standards. Her online portfolio is a subset of the projects she has worked on during her career.

Ebonye earned degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She received a professional certificate in editing from UC Berkeley Extension. Ebonye founded August Rose Press in 2013 and has published one work of fiction. She is an active member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and contributes regularly to their print publication Independent. She has a deep love for infographics and her favorite punctuation mark is the em dash.

Andre Wilkins is a communications specialist and the Chief Operating Officer of Inclusive Media Solutions LLC. Andre earned his undergraduate degree in Organizational Communications from SUNY New Paltz and a graduate degree from Stony Brook University. He has provided administrative and communications support for digital content and resources for development offices at universities such as Teachers College Columbia University, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and University of the Pacific. Andre is an avid consumer of print and digital media and advocates for supporting media professionals by connecting them with non-profit partners and community-based organizations.

Our editorial partners and professionals are not bound by any specific geographic region although Inclusive Media Solutions LLC is based in New York. We’ve found that the best editorial talent does not necessarily reside in any particular region, so we’ve worked hard to identify those individuals and bring them into the fold to include their valuable expertise.


Our Past Clients

Our team members have worked with a number of different clients during their careers. While each client has needed different types of editorial support, we’ve brought the same kind of expertise to each project and worked with them to ensure that their goals and messages were met on their terms.