Inclusion is essential to having responsible media that reflects the best realities of our society. In order to achieve this, we’ve worked hard to keep abreast of viewpoints on issues and trends in a variety of industries and partner with others who do the same. By including many kinds of people in our work, we’re doing our part to broaden what media can look like and how it can function in shaping our world.

So how do we do it?

We approach inclusion in two ways:

Through Content: We create, and assist others in creating, content that includes a cohesive narrative, a variety of viewpoints, inclusive language, thoughtful imagery, and increased accessibility.

Through Talent: We leverage individuals with diverse identities to give input and make editorial decisions that reflect the positives realities of our world and ensure that they are part of the inclusion conversation.

Want to know what this looks like? This infographic explains our philosophy visually.


8 reasons why media should be inclusive infographic teaser
Infographic: 8 Reasons Why Media should Be Inclusive